How do SA’s prominent women manage to remain in real, when their worlds often encourage façades?

This Q&A with Aletté-Johanni Winckler is the first in a series of interviews with the Air Quotes Project, to get to grips with SA’s prominent women’s stance on authenticity.

TAQP: Your image consulting business seeks to help restore women’s self-confidence by encouraging them to showcase their fabulous selves through their clothing. What prompted you to start the business?

AW: I’ve always had a love for style and dressing beautifully, but had never thought of it as a career. But God had other plans, and once I became and image consultant it was obvious how my passion for people, and especially for women’s issues, can be tackled even in a style-and-colour consultation, or makeover.

TAQP: What role do you think your business has played in inspiring authenticity amongst your clients?

AW: Oh my hat, hopefully A BIG ONE! I tell each and every client that it doesn’t help to look pretty on the outside, if they’re struggling to keep it all together on the inside. So I encourage them to be real about their issues, and to forgive whoever they need to forgive. None of us are perfect.

TAQP: In the absence of a psychoanalysis, why do you think women (especially) tend to find it difficult to accept and just be themselves? Read more