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Authenticity: a currency for success:

Learning to say “No”:

The inability to say “No” is closely linked to our sense of self-worth, and – no matter how we look at it – it does compromise our authenticity. This was the gist of this engaging talk.

Authenticity improves effectiveness:

Doing a talk on the link between authenticity and effectiveness to some of the SAPS members, was the perfect precursor for Heritage Day. With a client base of >57 million (the SA public) and only +-200 000 employees nationwide, the SAPS is probably the most likely place to ‘lose oneself’ as an employee. Pictured here, I’m joined by some of the attendees.

Authenticity and vulnerability:

Dr. Brené Brown (research professor from the University of Houston) draws an interesting link between vulnerability and courage. These, and their relevance to authenticity formed the theme for this talk.